When "Thank you for your service" is not enough!

In 2009, Compass Retreat was created by Veterans for Veterans to help those who needed assistance in reconnecting with their family and community.

This year Removing the Barriers Initiative partnered with the talented professionals who created Compass Retreat.  RTBI is excited to be able to offer this dynamic program to Veterans and their families.

Veterans arrive home after serving their country to a family that has had to learn to handle daily life on their own, to a community that may have changed a little, or a lot, while they were deployed and to an employment arena that isn't always forgiving of adjustments that might need to be made.  All of these factors lead to 22 Veterans dying by suicide and 40,000 being homeless on a daily basis. 

These are just a couple of the reasons your support is needed to reach more Veterans and their families.  Each family that experiences a week long Compass Retreat isn't only cared for during the Retreat but participates in a year long community reconnection.

Thank you for being a Hero to our Heroes, helping Veterans and their families come together through a Compass Retreat.

Do you know a Veteran? Help us help them because we need your help.  You have choices, help us with our Veterans Day Campaign, help us support Veterans and their Families at one of the upcoming Compass Retreat events and maybe you want to volunteer your time and energy.

To register for one of our upcoming Compass Retreats, click here.

Partner with us to be a hero to our Heroes.