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What We Do


We’ve scoured the web for other resources that may help you in understanding the magnitude that transforming disabilities into opportunities can have on the life of a person with disabilities.  We hope you find these resources useful and sometimes you just can't find what you are looking for, allow us to assist.  Contact us and we will help anyway we can.  Click Here to leave us a message.

Helpful Links

Each link is an organization with whom Removing the Barriers Initiative or StirringWaters has an active or past relationship.  We may have helped them raise money, operate a program, supported a program using their facilities, or provided a service.


Organizations with multiple programs or services

·      Florida Disabled Outdoors Association                       

·      Nathaniel’s Hope                                                         

·      Power Ministries                                                          

·      Lift Disability Network                                                  

·      Special Touch Ministry                                                 


Organizations with expo type outdoor events for families living with disabilities

·      Access Life                                                                   

·      SportsAbility                                                                 

·      Make ‘em Smile                                                            


Organizations offering camps for children or adults with disabilities

·      Lake Aurora Christian Camp                                        

·      Camp Joy                                                                                   Camp Joy

·      Power Ministries                                                           

·      Special Touch Ministry                                                  

·      Florida Camp Rotary                                                     


Other Organizations

·      Family Café                                                                      

      (A 3 day conference for families living with disabilities in Orlando, FL)

·      Parenting Special Needs Children                                    

      (A free e-magazine for families living with disabilities)

·      Grace Landing Fostercare                                               

      (Works to provide Christian based homes for children in Fostercare)