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What We Do


We offer a wide range of services that provide freedom and solutions for people with disabilities to know life beyond limitations.  Removing The Barrier's programs, services, information and resources help transform disabilities into opportunities.

  • Its amazing how few people with disabilities are able to enjoy the beauty and adventure of life. RTBI is happy to assist in this important mission by providing beach wheelchairs, Mobi Chairs and other equipment so your family can have and enjoy an experience.

  • The out of doors is a very invigorating, healthful and beautiful place for great experiences. Breathe the fresh air, sit beneath a tree or toss in a fishing line at the lake. All great experiences EXCEPT FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT GET THERE.

    WIN is our program that allows us to transport a person with disabilities, along with their family, so they can access more remote areas not easily accessible for those with mobility issues. We make the beauty of nature accessible for all with custom made shuttles we can move from site to site.

    Shuttle #1 has worn out. Shuttle #2 is working hard. Shuttle #3 is just a dream that we hope will become a reality.

    WIN can also use more traditional golf cars. They are great to furnish to a family at a wilderness retreat to be able to enjoy the experience together. We are happy to accept donations to remove barriers to a great experience for a family living with disabilities.

    To ensure your next event is accessible to people of all abilities, contact us and we would be happy to assist. Simply click W.I.N. above.

  • RTBI offers canoeing experiences for people with disabilities by supporting various organizations like Special Touch, Deliver the Dream and many others. Let us know when your organization wants to have a canoeing experience.